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Sentinel’s Business Solution Center to undergo transformation

Sentinel announced today that their Business Solution Center will undergo a transformation over the next 90 days and will have a new charter and will be re -named as the Interactive Technology Studio. The new approach will put more focus on customized demonstrations with hands on customer interaction along with the ability to act as Proof of Concept (POC) lab where customers can see their data and applications running on cutting edge technology. This new charter is summarized in the new mission statement for the Interactive Technology Studio:

The Interactive Technology Studio Mission Statement

To create an environment that:
  • Demonstrates the interoperability of best-in-class technologies in areas such as virtualization, unified communications and video
  • Demonstrates the latest release levels (or beta/pre-releases) of products from manufacturers
  • Acts a test lab for customers to do proof of concept testing with their own data
  • Demonstrates specific vertically focused solutions
  • Acts as a central location to demonstrate the latest technologies with a focus on hands-oncustomer participation and customization along with the ability to provide web based demos of the latest tools for management, administration and monitoring of technology.

According to Brian Osborne, EVP Sales and Marketing for Sentinel, “ We feel there are numerous advantages to fundamentally changing the way we present technology solutions to customers”. According to Osborne, the new approach will 1.) emphasize how Sentinel can help leverage the technology investments customers have already made and compliment it through integration with the latest advanced technologies 2.) provide important information on product road maps to help improve long-term technology decision making 3.) provide a platform for proving out the value proposition of technologies in a real-world setting and 4.) present specific vertically based solutions that are customized to provide a clear picture of how the solution addresses industry specific challenges.

Sentinel expects to have the upgrades and new products integrated and operational to complete the transformation by December 1st of this year.

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